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Tuna (Maguro)               Yellowtail (Hamachi)

Salmon (Sake)               Shrimp (Ebi)

Eel (Unagi)                     Smelt Eggs (Masago)

Salmon Roe (Ikura)

Sushi Roll (Cut or Hand)

California Roll                  Cucumber Roll

Spicy Tuna Roll               Crunchy Roll

Rainbow Roll                   Caterpillar Roll

Vegetable Roll                 Philadelphia Roll

Sunset Roll


Imitation crab meat        Spicy tuna

Yellowtail                        Salmon

Tuna                              Shrimp

Smelt Eggs                     Salmon Roe


Radish Sprout                 Avocado

Cucumbers                     Asparagus

Pickled ginger


Wasabi powder               Srirachaot chili sauce

Ponzu Sauce                  Eel Sauce

Cream cheese                Roasted seaweed

Sushi rice                       Soy sauce

Sesame seeds


Ebi (Shrimp): Sweet Shrimp served over shush rise.  Head is served deep-fried.

Hamachi (Yellowtail): Yellowtail is among the most common fish and also is in the tuna family, very rich and slightly oily.

Kani (Crab): Real snow crab meat served on sushi rice tied together with nori.

Maguro (Tuna): Probably the most popular dish and rich taste.

Sake (Salmon): Atlantic salmon also served smoked.


Tuna Roll Made of tuna (inverted).

Spicy Tuna Roll Made of tuna, chili oil, pepper & cucumber.

Vegetable Roll Made of asparagus, avocado, yama gobo & cucumber.

Caterpillar Roll Eel wrapped with rice inside out wrapped with avocado with eel sauce.